My Wonder Artifact︎︎︎ an interactive artifact that shows how light and color impact perspective, aka head lamps attached to a spinning mirror

2017 - Craft, Handiwork, Physical
The driving ideas behind this project were illumination and transformation. I wanted to make the viewer the subject of the transformation and the illumination to not only be literal light, but a change in perspective.

To back my idea, I researched movies and the lighting techniques they use to set different moods or to dictate how the audience is supposed to feel about a character.
        The direction of light and the way it played on planes of the face to seemingly change the expression was also something I incorporated. 


 Me inhaling epoxy and losing sleep ︎︎︎

I had never made anything out of glass before this project. It took a lot of learning, hours in the workshop, and an embarrassing amount of band-aids, but overall was very rewarding and I will probably always be proud of it.

DIRT ︎︎︎

Sourpuss ︎︎︎

i know a guy... ︎︎︎

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Wonder Artifact ︎︎︎

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