Movies: The Book ︎︎︎ a series of publications that discuss and show off visual storytelling techniques in a selection of films

2021 - Print, Branding

This series, which includes The Fall, Enter the Void, and Amélie,  focuses on stories told through a very subjective lens, where a distinct version of reality is being shown through the eyes of the protagonists. 
        Each book in the trilogy is dedicated to one film, and its design is informed by the film’s visuals. The books discuss their movies’ visual storytelling techniques via the language of their movie’s graphic design. 

Big thanks to Christian Townsend for the renders





The visual organization had to be consistent across the series, but each book’s design is informed by the visuals of its film. The books discuss their movies’ visual choices via the language of their movies’ graphic design. For example, The Fall features epic script and simple, structural, left-aligned text blocks, Enter the Void is entirely in Futura Condensed Bold and Japanese, and Amélie is a mix of vintage typefaces and faux analog elements. Each book also utilizes the same grid that guided its film’s graphics and shots.
        To keep the series cohesive, the unique visuals follow the same organization and structure across all three books (See Below). Layering is also a theme that appears in each book as well as in their packaging. Despite the books being so heavily image-based, I wanted to curate and present the stills in engaging ways that communicated more than just the pictures themselves, and layers were one of my primary tools. There were so many interesting things in each movie that it was hard to choose the stories/patterns I was going to emphasize, but I tried to include as many as I could while still maintaining a clear focus. My goal was to create a product that was really delightful to look at and explore. I basically just made a series that I wanted to exist.

I did this project because I love movies, wanted practice with different styles, and wanted to push myself. The majority of the series was designed in three weeks, giving me about a week per book.
       Studying the movies both graphically and from the perpsective of film increased my appreciation for the detail and thought that goes into every choice. The process of writing the books forced me mentally distill my ideas, research, and observations (a really challenging but useful process). The films I chose were gorgeous and fascinating, and designing for them was really a joy. It is thrilling to be so into a project. 

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Movies: The Book ︎︎︎

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