DIRT ︎︎︎ a bi-annual publication that sheds light on the crooked dealings of the American government throughout history

2019 - Print, Branding
DIRT strives to combine resources and research to clarify convoluted events, untangle webs, connect pieces, and allow readers to think critically and draw their own conclusions.
        Each issue tells a comprehensive story about a historical phenomenon or event. It includes a mix of personal accounts, publicly listed facts/documents, timelines, historical photos, interviews, and overall narrations. It takes into account cultural and historical context, and explains technical terms along the way. The goal is to educate its readers on the dirt that is so often swept under the rug.

Other Issue Covers

DIRT’s visuals were influenced by newspapers and old crime novels. I used blackletter script as a nod to the American Constitution and other defining documents.
           All the visuals are gritty to heighten the physicality of the facts. I played with black and white, grey areas, and a range of fidelity, much like the media does.






This was definitely a passion project, and I had a blast.  I’ll always feel a lot of ownership over it, since I chose the topic, did the research, and curated the content. The whole thing feels complete, and it’s satisfying to know an artifact so thoroughly. I would like to make more of these about different topics, using them as a medium for more in-depth research projects. Presenting research in designs has been one of my favorite ways of learning.

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