Listen UP ︎︎︎ a catalogue and app duo for a hypothetical symposium on sound and navigation

This pairing utilizes some of the unique qualities and limitations of both mediums (print and app) rather than giving the information a one-size-fits-all treatment.

This catalogue includes scholarly articles surrounding sound and navigation in urban areas. I chose and researched the topic, and curated the sources. 
        In its print form, I focused on conventions of modern book design such as unjustified text, multiple columns, full bleed, vertical text, sans serif typefaces and bold headers.

THE APP ︎︎︎
I created an app to accompany the catalogue at the symposium. The app is designed to be a tool for learning and further investigation, not simply the catalogue in app form. With this in mind, I included only portions of the articles, and instead focused on take aways, including a summary at the end of each excerpt. These larger ideas are in place to encourage better retention of the speeches and articles.
        This app is a tangential learning experience, similar to Wikipedia, in which concepts that are important or related to other ideas are hyperlinks which lead to supplementary/complementary sources. Many of these sources enforce the idea through mediums other than written word to accomodate different learning types and to demonstrate the idea in a memorable way. After doing a a lot of research in the topic area, I had a really fun time choosing resources that I thought would fill out the written ideas. Everything from interrogation tapes to music playlists based on mood make an appearance.

I chose to keep the design simple, using only black, white, and three organizing colors. I took inspiration from collages for image treatment, isolating pictures from their background to prevent the whole design becoming too boxy and compartmentalized.
        Iconic and symbolic images appear as well, and I used symbols used in mapping and sound mapping as motifs, layered on the black and white to illustrate the idea of mapping sound in an urban context. I incorporated texture into many of the color pops, trying to give sound back some material qualities to emphasize its physical nature and its ability to reconfigure space.


This project was especially fun because I got very sucked into the research; I learned so much about this topic and grew more and more fascinated the deeper I got. Because of this familiarity with the material, the I felt much more comfortable exercising authorship on this project's organization and the usage of the sources.

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Listen Up ︎︎︎

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