The Collapse of Old Russia 

The Collapse of Old Russia ︎︎︎ a 21'x7', non-linear, infographic installation on the disintegration of Russia’s old regime

2019 - Infographic, Environment

The goal of this project was to take a complex and far-reaching historical event and to turn it into a non-linear infographic with multiple layers of information.
        I designed the graphic for the 21x7 foot video wall in Hunt Library. The wall is composed of MicroTiles, which had to be factored into my graphic's grid. Another consideration was size: it was a challenge to design something so large on a laptop screen.

I took a cue from the work of constructivist designers in Russia during the revolution, particularly El Lissitzky, who is known for his Soviet propaganda.

I chose this topic because I didn't know much about it and wanted to learn more. I got more than I bargained for, as this event took place over a long period of time, had ancient buildup, lots of cause and effect, many smaller revolutions, and a multitude of significant people and ideologies involved.
        It took a trip to the library, a ridiculously long Google Doc, many unintelligible scribble maps, and an ungodly amount of open tabs on my computer before I could confidently say I understood the topic. The research was rewarding though, and it was satisfying outlining and organizing so much information.

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